Step by Step Guide
This page will show you how to start monitoring your tests.

1️⃣ Signing up for Thundra

In order to get started with Thundra Foresight, you need to create a Thundra account. You can sign up for Thundra from here.
Note that if you have previously created an account with Thundra, you can use the credentials associated with that account.
You can use your Github and Google accounts for signing up.

2️⃣ Choose Foresight

After creating your Thundra account, you need to select Foresight to start using it.
You can always use our other applications like Sidekick and APM. Your app choice is not permanent.

3️⃣ Connect a repository

Your repositories will be listed here. In order to list your repository here, click on the "Connect repositories" button and start connecting your repository.

Create a Project

Your repositories will be grouped by Projects. You can give your project a unique name. If you already have a project, you can choose your project under this section.

Choose how to use Foresight

Foresight gives you the ability of monitoring both your CI Workflows and Tests. You can both monitor your workflows and tests runs.
Connect your GitHub account
  • CI Workflow Monitoring: Monitor multiple GitHub Actions workflows on a single dashboard. You can gather information about your CI pipeline's:
    • Overall success score
    • Average duration chart
    • Jobs and Step status
Connect your CI/CD account and select repositories you want to
Select the repositories you gave access to Foresight
  • Test Monitoring: You are developing so fast but failed tests may block your releases. You can:
    • See how your tests are performing
    • Access the distributed tracing of your tests
    • Debug your tests with time-travel debugging

4️⃣ Execute your pipeline

Execute your pipeline with Thundra configuration. You'll see your repositories listed under the Repositories section.

5️⃣ Monitor results

Select a repository under repositories page and you will see your runs listed here.

Workflow Runs

Under the Workflow Runs tab, runs related with the repository you've selected will be listed. You can filter your runs by the workflows from the left panel.
You can see the Workflow success rate chart and the Workflow run duration chart.
You workflows will be listed under your workflow runs

Test Runs

Under the Test Runs tab, runs related with the repository you've selected will be listed. You can filter your runs by the status and branch from the left panel.
The test runs will be listed

🎉 What's Next

You are ready to benefit fully from the Foresight! If you want to deep-dive here how you can do more:
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