Step by Step Guide

This page will show you how to start monitoring your tests.

1️⃣ Signing up for Thundra

In order to get started with Thundra Foresight, you need to create a Thundra account. You can sign up for Thundra from here.

Note that if you have previously created an account with Thundra, you can use the credentials associated with that account.

You can use your Github and Google accounts for signing up.

2️⃣ Choose Foresight

After creating your Thundra account, you need to select Foresight to start using it.

You can always use our other applications like Sidekick and APM. Your app choice is not permanent.

3️⃣ Create a Project

You are able to record your project's tests. You can either record your test when running in CI, or you can also record your tests when running locally.

First, you need to create and configure your project.

4️⃣ Configure your CI Pipeline

You can add Foresight to a CI Pipeline in a minute.

CI Integrations

Manual Integrations

5️⃣ Run Your Tests

Run your tests according to your configuration you have done above. After you successfully start running your tests. You should see your test run as below

Learn more about monitoring your test runs:

🎉 You are ready to go!

If you have successfully completed all the steps above, you are ready to go! Now, you can deep dive into our core concepts: