This guide explains how to integrate your CI Pipeline on TeamCity with Foresight at a glance

Foresight’s TeamCity Plugin automatically changes your build configurations to integrate with Thundra Foresight.

You can integrate your TeamCity pipeline in just 2 steps. First, you need to install the plugin. Then, configure your TeamCity Project or Build Configuration. After completing those steps, Foresight will capture your test runs automatically.

What is Foresight

  • Foresight is a CI/CD monitoring tool that helps you to detect and debug test failures and latencies at a glance. You can monitor your builds and debug your tests from your CI/CD pipeline. Learn more about monitoring test runs

  • Foresight provides observability into your TeamCity CI/CD pipeline and enables you to optimize build durations, commit more frequent deployments, increase productivity, and lower CI costs. Learn more about optimizing build time.

  • With Foresight's distributed tracing capabilities, you can quickly identify what went wrong with your tests in a failed build, whether it was caused by your code or an external service, and fix it before it happens again. Learn more about distributed tracing.

  • You don't have to reproduce errors on your local anymore. With Foresight's record and replay capability, you can debug your failed tests by stepping over each line of the code and track the values of the variables at each test run. Learn more about time travel debugging.

🔒Thundra never sees nor has access to your source code. To learn more about security please read our security standards.

Benefits of using Foresight in your TeamCity Pipeline

Foresight plugin helps you to optimize your TeamCity pipeline in the following ways;

  • Identify slow, erroneous, and flaky tests and test suites!

  • Reduces build time by 80%

  • Reduces CI costs by 50%

  • Prevent production regressions in advance!

  • Understand system behavior at a test failure!

  • Keep the master branch green!

Getting Started