Connecting the Foresight GitHub app
The GitHub Actions integration uses a private GitHub App to collect workflow information. Foresight's GitHub Action app is for collecting basic information about your CI workflows.


  • GitHub Action workflow
  • Thundra Foresight account

Supported Runtimes / Frameworks

  • Foresight's GitHub Action app is platform agnostic. In order to use Foresight's GitHub Action app there is no runtime or framework limitation.
  • Please check this supported integrations page, if you want to deep-dive to your tests, and use Foresight's Test Monitoring feature.


  • Enter your Thundra account.
  • Click on the "Connect Repository"
  • Click "Connect" on the right side of the card
  • You will be redirect to the GitHub and you need to install the Foresight app.
  • Select repositories you want to monitor and click "Start watching"
Last modified 1mo ago