Foresight for Open Source
With hundreds of contributors and thousands of pull requests, it's hard to monitor the test results of code contributed to open source projects.
Foresight is free, and will always be free, for open source projects to help contributors monitor and accelerate CI Builds.

Benefits for Open Source Projects

  • We believe and value in open source communities. Therefore, Foresight will always be free for open source projects.
  • You are developing and getting requests so fast but failed tests may block your releases. Seeing failed tests, errors, and traces of the PRs makes you ensure your contributors deliver clean and fast builds.
  • If you have a microservice architecture, with distributed tracing, you and your contributors can be confident about the challenges in your microservice testing.
  • Shine out among your community about your error-free, fast and successful CI pipeline.

What People Are Saying

Testcontainers' own test suite is massive, because nothing is worse than an unstable testing tool. We always knew that there are opportunities to reduce its execution time by optimizing some of these tests, but Thundra helped visualizing the hotspots and prioritize the tests that needs to be optimized first. With this kick in the... err... build, we are ready to stop procrastinating and start optimizing!
~ Sergei Egorov, Testcontainers

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