Optimizing Build Time
In order you to start optimizing your test run, you need to know what to optimize! Foresight gives you the fastest access to your starting point.
Once you enter a test run, you will see Slowest Test Suite and Slowest Test list. You can start optimizing for both Test Suite level and Test level.

Summary about Test Suites

Once you enter the slowest test suite, you can see that it took 17 seconds to complete. If you check the tests, you will see that one of the tests took 16 seconds to complete. It is a great start point optimizing the test suite.

Summary about Tests

Let's go into details of the test took 16 seconds. As you can see below, its execution time jumped from 6 seconds to 16seconds. You can detect what caused those jump from your commit history and optimize your test execution time.
Last modified 6mo ago