Monitoring Test Runs
This docs will show you how to monitor your test runs. We will use AWS Java SDK's open-source project
You can always explore Foresight by yourself. Checkout AWS Java SDK project's test runs.

List Your Test Runs

Your tests will be captured when you trigger your CI build. You will see your runs will be listed under the Test Runs menu.
Your runs can be:
  • Successful: Test runs do not have any failed tests inside.
  • Failed: Test runs have at least 1 failed test inside
  • Running: Test runs those are still running
  • Aborted: Test runs aborted while running. It may have failed tests inside, however, their status will be as aborted
You need to have at least 1 project to record your test runs. Learn how to create a project

Filter Your Test Runs

You can filter your test runs, according to their statuses and the branch you commit. You can multiple select from the left panel on your test runs screen.