Capturing screenshots of your tests
Screenshots are one of the most common ways to debug your tests. Especially, during the end-to-end tests, it is a simple and easy way to verify that the application working as expected.
Either the test is checking the page loading correctly in different browsers and the signup button calls the right services and passes the right message to the screen, screenshots are very helpful to debug your tests.
With Foresight, in addition to the crucial metrics about your tests, you can also see the screenshot artifacts generated by Selenium and Browserstack of your Java tests.
You don't need to do additional steps or configurations. Foresight automatically relates the artifacts with the tests.
Your Foresight Java Agent version needs to be >= 2.7.42

1) Run your tests

2) Go to the screenshots tab

💡If you are using BrowserStack to generate screenshots, you can navigate directly to the BrowserStack results from the Foresight

3) See the screenshot artifacts

Last modified 1mo ago