Monitoring all your CI Workflow in the same place
In an organization with multiple CI pipelines, it might be challenging to keep all of them successful. Having lots of PR's, commits, and merges, you need to access the failures and bottlenecks as fast as possible.
If you are using GitHub Actions, and if you have multiple CI workflows, you need to go back and forth to see which pipeline is erroneous and slow. GitHub Action only shows you the results of the repository you have selected. Not having a birds-eye view all your organization workflow performance, it is hard to which one you should start to deep-dive.
If you use Foresight, you can see all your workflows at once and you can decide which repository is the most erroneous and which one you should start investigate. Foresight provides comprehensive visibility into your CI pipelines by generating card views for the CI workflows of your repositories. It enables you to understand which repository’s workflows and tests are failing at a glance. By comparing the average execution time of a workflow and the latest workflow’s duration, you can detect any potential latencies in the first place.
Last modified 1mo ago
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