Identify bottlenecks in your CI Workflows
A successful DevOps team depends on a successful CI/CD process. Although you design a perfect pattern for your pipeline, there might be several of bottlenecks that can surprise you along the way. These can be caused by time spent creating and testing code, lack of testing or QA personnel or facilities, and manual processes, to name a few.
With Foresight, you can easily list your and analyze your CI workflows in a repository. Foresight provides a high-level overview of performance across all your workflow runs. Monitoring workflow success rates and run durations, you can identify where to focus for troubleshooting and debugging for specific workflow runs.
You can see:
  • Success rate chart of each workflow
  • Average run duration of each workflow
By using the filters on the left, you can deep-dive into the workflow you want to monitor. This helps you to understand which workflows fails the most and which commit / PR or user caused the errors.
Last modified 1mo ago
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