What is CI Workflow Monitoring?
DevOps is one such development model that has risen to match the demands of the modern-day software team with the goal being to increase velocity while maintaining stability. However, as great as this may sound, there is a vulnerability in the model that can lead to it becoming ineffective. The failure of effective CI/CD within the DevOps pipeline. We will elaborate on why this stage is crucial for the overall development practice in later parts of this piece. Before we can dive into this aspect, let us first understand the company-wide effect of the DevOps pipeline failing. From there onwards we will be able to truly appreciate a strong DevOps culture and practice, look into why CI/CD rightfully is the backbone of any DevOps venture, and how this backbone can be strengthened to ensure a solid development practice.
As can be seen, there are various steps at this stage, each step playing a pivotal role in the success of the overall system. Therefore, we must not be left in the dark while going through this stage of the development journey. This is where observability comes in, by providing the right insights into the current stage of your CI servers.As a result, it can be expected that observability and monitoring that were initially applied for understanding the state of the application in production, now be applied to understand the state of versioning and tests. By tracking various metrics such as Quality and Time0based metrics, while leveraging metrics traces and logs in testing and debugging scenarios, we can effectively do away with the woes of traditional CI.
Therefore, with these metric we can actually list the major benefits:
  • Building trust in the CI/CD stage across teams with metrics that provide a ground reality status and understanding.
  • Providing insights crucial to the resolution of failed and flaky tests.
  • Reducing the risk of incidents and disruptions in production due to providing an added layer of “debugging”.
  • Building resilience in the CI/CD stage and overall DevOps pipeline
Thundra provides critical visibility into your organization’s CI/CD workflows both for production and pre production with its products. It offers a wide selection of debugging tools to debug Kubernetes, serverless, and on-prem workloads starting from tests to customer-facing applications.
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