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Foresight provides full visibility and deep insights into the health and performance of your tests and CI/CD pipelines. Assess the risk of changes, resolve bottlenecks, reduce build times, and deliver high-quality software at speed with Foresight.

What does Foresight doโ€‹

Foresight uses state-of-the-art technologies to analyze your workflows, find problems, and potential problems. Each time you trigger your workflow on the GitHub Actions, Foresight captures the critical data about your workflows.

If you have tests running on your workflows, Foresight can also helps you to indentify the erroneous tests and its reason unlike any other place.

Early diagnosis of the workflow and test errors ensures that your team get fewer issues on later stage of development and helps you to keep your main branch clean.

Uncertainty of workflowsโ€‹

Monitor multiple CI workflows on a single pane of glass, identify important trends and patterns about your workflows. Dive into individual pipelines for more granular details to unveil errors and latencies for individual builds and jobs.

Foresight gives better answers for the following questions you have:

  • Which tests are blocking the pipeline?
  • Which new lines of my code haven't covered in the latest workflow run?
  • What is the most costly workflow?
  • Which workflows failed the most in the last 30 days?
  • What is the average workflow run duration of my organization?
  • How is my workflow success rate?

Understand CI behaviourโ€‹

Identify your CI stages and jobs with the highest failure rates, to know where you should focus for debugging and troubleshooting.

Debug Tests Smartlyโ€‹

Don't get lost with the log piles in the GitHub Actions results. Group tests, test suites along with their logs, screenshots, and more to understand why even the most complex integration test failed.

Which CI providers does it support?โ€‹

Foresight works exclusively with GitHub Actions.


Let us know if you use any other CI provider.

Which test frameworks does it support?โ€‹

Currently Foresight's test report uploader works with:

  • JUnit
  • Jest
  • Python
  • TestNG
  • Trx
  • xUnit 2

Which coverage frameworks does it support?โ€‹

Currently Foresight's test report uploader works with:

  • JaCoCo
  • Cobertura
  • Golang

Let us know if you use any other test or coverage frameworks


You can explore Foresight with our demo repositories:

How to startโ€‹

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