Welcome to Foresight
This page is an overview of the Foresight documentation and related resources.
Thundra Foresight is a tool for debugging and troubleshooting test failures in no time and optimize build duration and performance in your CI pipeline.
You can sign up to Foresight from here.

Try Foresight with sample open-source applications

In order for you to understand how Thundra Foresight works, we added Foresight into several open-source projects. Every time those projects' CI pipeline triggered, you can see the status of their build process. We recommend you give a quick tour with sample applications then set up your own project.
Do you have an open-source project and would like to be listed here, feel free to contact us

Learn how to add Foresight into your Project

You can add Foresight to a CI Pipeline in just 5 steps!

Supported Frameworks

Can’t find the framework you are looking for? Please help us with what to add next.
Currently, you can add Foresight into your Maven and Gradle projects. Feel free to tell us what to support next.
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